Celcom users face major service disruption

by Wern Shen / http://www.lowyat.net/v2/
Thursday, 24 September 2009 07:43 PM

It’s well past 6pm, and for a vast majority of Celcom users around Malaysia, rush hour traffic is probably one of the last things that’s on their minds right now. No, it’s not because the roads are still pretty clear due to the Raya festivities, but rather, because Celcom has been acting wonky all day now. Service disruptions have hit in all forms today and consist of anything from a simple dropped call, to something as serious as not being able to make or receive calls or text messages the whole day.

Naturally, the first place/person that Celcom users went to for help was the ever trusty Celcom Careline (1111), but word has it that the volume of calls were so high, it crashed the call center too. Talk about having a bad day huh?

Obviously frustrated, disgruntled users turned to wonderful world of Twitter to let out their grievances on #celcom - and trust me, it hasn’t been pretty. With everything from blatant threats of jumping to another telco to the odd Kanye reference or two flooding Twitter, Celcom retorted via their official Twitter presence (@MyXpaX) with this:

Well, the clock shows 7.35pm here in the Lowyat.NET office and reports (or rather just complaints) on service outage are still flooding in on Twitter, so it’s pretty obvious that the problem has yet to be fixed. We can't say when this mess will finally get sorted out, but then again, neither can the guys at Celcom. Oh well...
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